Benjamin Brannelly

Drums & Composition

Benjamin Brannelly is a UK based professional drummer, composer and teacher available to hire.


"Ben's orchestration creates interest and movement, exploiting all that is good in harmony and rubato. These two elements combined, enthralled the audience... and we await the next composition by Benjamin Brannelly with eager anticipation."

Samantha Gorton (Vocal Coach - Choirs Connected)

Composition? For a drummer? I know it seems like a strange concept, but in this progressive age we live in drummers are finally being viewed as legitimate musicians and not the bloke dribbling at the back as he hammers home 4 beats into the skull of anyone within a 6 mile radius. I am one such musician and I draw heavily from the music of Hans Zimmer, Carter Burwell and Alexandre Desplat. Specialising in film composition, I love to blend live and orchestral instruments with electronic and synthetic sounds.

Now, I also I play piano as well as being able to write lyrics and, obviously, play the drums, so maybe that gives me some extra qualification to consider myself an actual musician. My composition ‘Forget Me (Fly Away)’ was rearranged and performed at The Palace Theatre, Redditch in July 2017 and my most recent piece was a solo for drum kit entitled ‘Shufflet’ which I performed live at my Artist Showcase - License to Groove in 2017.

I am always looking for new projects to take on and further legitimise my claim as a real musician, so if you wish to help with this then feel free to contact me.


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