Benjamin Brannelly

Drums & Composition

Benjamin Brannelly is a UK based professional drummer, composer and teacher available to hire.

Drum Work

"Ben is an engaged, alert artist and performer, always ready to get inside the music and bring his own ideas to a project... He is a reliable and tasteful performer, both live and in the studio."

Jamie Brewster (Professional Bassist)

Since before my conscious thought even begins I was addicted to rhythm. So it is no surprise that when I first held a pair of sticks at the age of 9 I was hooked, I found my calling. At the age of 10 I was playing in church and the rest, as they say, is history. In the years that followed I gained invaluable experience working with countless numbers of bands and artists, both live and in the studio. My live gigs have taken me around Europe multiple times and taught me valuable lessons in musicianship and professionalism.

In 2012 I achieved my Grade 8 with a distinction only to have that superseded in 2017 with a Degree in Popular Music Performance. More recently, in the studio, I worked with guitarist Sohaib to record his (as yet unreleased) debut E.P in July 2018 following a stint on the Britpop Reboot Tour after working with the biggest Taylor Swift & Katy Perry tribute act in the UK. I was also the drummer for contemporary R&B artist, “Rated Award” nominee Sophielou as she continued to break her way into the UK music scene with leaps and bounds.

In the latter stages of 2018 I began working with Mark Summers: Elvis Legacy going into 2019. With many things on the horizon, I am working in partnership with Rouge Entertainment Ltd (The Reet Petites) and anticipating what the rest of 2019 will throw at me. If you want to “throw” something at me, feel free to contact me.



A brief description of what I am currently using for the majority of shows and recordings.


Mapex Pro V Series
(10”, 12”, 16” & 22”)
Tama SLP G-Maple Snare
(13" x 7")

evans Drum HEADS

Evans G2 Coated / Clear (10”, 12” & 16”)
Evans G2 Coated (13")
Evans UV1 Coated (14”)
Evans EMAD Clear Bass Drum Head (22")


Meinl Byzance Traditional Sand Hats 14”
Bosphorus Traditional Crash 17”
Zildjian K Ride 22” / Istanbul XIST Agop Ride 20”
Soultone Gospel Crash 18”


Natal KCC Hardware Single Pedal
Tama, & Millenium Pro Stands


ProMark Rebound 5A / Firegrain
ProMark “Accent” Brushes
ProMark MT3 Shira Kashi Oak Mallets
ProMark Hot Rods


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