Benjamin Brannelly

Drums & Composition

Benjamin Brannelly is a UK based professional drummer, composer and teacher available to hire.


"...I am inspired by Ben and he has helped me on my own progression many times, peaking my interest with his constant encouragement and his unrelenting passion for broadening musical interest."

Jack Corcoran (Music Student at Birmingham City University)

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I have been blessed in my career with some truly great teachers and I believe I have adopted a similar teaching style as a result. I now teach at Courtyard Music in Tardebigge and I cater for all ability levels aiming to inspire, engage and simply share my passion with my students. I tailor my lessons to suit individual personalities and styles. putting an emphasis on practical and functional use rather than handing out mountains of sheet music (don’t worry, technique and  reading music is still a key part of my teaching style). As a professional drummer I understand what is useful and what is not, but I haven’t forgotten what it was like to be learning and when you just want to learn that one cool fill to impress your friends. So, if you want fun and balanced drum lessons that consider what you want from your drumming, feel free to contact me.



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