Benjamin Brannelly

Drums & Composition

Benjamin Brannelly is a UK based professional drummer, composer and teacher available to hire.


"Ben never fails to impress with his professionalism and work ethic. Continually surpassing expectation, Ben always rises to any challenge and executes his role to the highest standard. Whether that be simply learning a song, contributing to a composition or arrangement or recording new tracks in the studio. Having someone with such a high standard of music theory allows for progress to be made swiftly. Ben has been the making of the music we play, adding colour to each piece: no task is too big or small, and it is really comforting knowing that he can be relied upon with his consistency. I'm pleased to say that Ben has had direct involvement in the success and profitability of our group and I look forward to working with him in the future."

Joshua Cosnett (Musical Director - Rouge Entertainment Ltd.)

It’s an amazing thing to work with someone with instrumental competency. It’s also great to work with someone with such a depth of creativity. For someone to have both is instrumental in creating the perfect balance within an ensemble. Ben is capable of playing some of the most dynamic and eclectic music while maintaining a slick and nuanced style. Playing with him, the positive energy he brings is always a highlight and is something we can bounce off of in every performance. Plus, the man can groove!

Sohaib (Professional Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter)

"Ben Brannelly is an example of how hard work, professionalism, and dedication plays a pivotal role in the success of one's career pathway. An outstanding up and coming drummer and musician, Ben continues to rise above expectations and inspire those with whom he comes into contact with. He has been a pleasure to teach and mentor and is surely heading for great things in the future."

Ashley Allen (Professional Pianist/Songwriter & MD)



"Ben is a fantastic young professional and displayed exemplary qualities one would find in older members of the music industry. Showcasing skills during one of my gigs [24/11/17], Ben had clearly taken time to practice his profession. Alongside being self-prepared with equipment, his charisma, punctuality and on-stage persona, Ben holds a distinct nature in his character - a genuinely lovely individual.  His calm, collective manner is only amplified by his professional nature. Any acquisition of Ben will only spearhead a production into a greater, more positive progression for the future." 

Katy Ellis (Professional Artist)

"Our choir has had the privilege of giving the debut performance of Ben's song 'Fly Away'.  The whole process from rehearsal to performance has been a delightful experience, largely due to the flowing melodic line which carries the lyrics effortlessly.  Ben's orchestration creates interest and movement, exploiting all that is good in harmony and rubato.  These two elements combined, enthralled the audience and the 'Hans Zimmer' style was an instant success. Fly Away will definitely become part of our standard repertoire and we await the next composition by Benjamin Brannelly with eager anticipation."

Samantha Gorton (Vocal Coach - Choirs Connected)



"Ben was employed by my agency for a Tribute show called Battle Of The Pop Queens at short notice. He arrived on time and was very professional whilst also being very approachable. Set up very quickly and sound checked perfectly with no fuss. Played the show to an exceptional standard and with great energy and was a true team player. Since the show ended Ben has become our Go To Drummer and is involved in many projects we are working from. Would not hesitate to recommend."

Damien Dalton (Managing Director NCA Music & Northern Crossroads)


"Ben is a really nice guy and is truly easy to talk to. He knows what he is doing and what he is talking about when it comes to music. Having never met Ben before our gig together I felt as if I’d known him for a while upon chatting with him. He nailed the whole set with no problems, despite having not heard the backing tracks. As a bassist I felt that he had a fantastic vibe and gelled with the band seamlessly. A true professional."

Richard Harris (Session Bassist/Musician & Guitarist)

"Ben is a highly enthusiastic musician with a driving ambition to both educate and perform to the best of his ability. Constantly expanding his skill sets, Ben continues to enhance his already wide range of playing styles by working on their fluidity. As a fellow drummer, I am inspired by Ben and he has helped me on my own progression many times, peaking my interest with his constant encouragement and his unrelenting passion for broadening musical interest."

Jack Corcoran (Drummer)


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